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Summer Volunteer Teacher Program

Eligibility: Volunteers with The Village Education Project must meet the following requirements:

1) 16 years or older*
2) High school diploma or GED equivalent
3) Leadership, initiative and personal responsibility
4) Basic understanding of Spanish

* – Generally, only current college students, recent high school graduates, and recent college graduates are accepted into our volunteer program. If you do not fit any of these descriptions but still think you have something valuable to offer as a volunteer please contact us at

Application Timeline:

The deadline for the 2016 Summer Program is April 15th.  Our admissions process is rolling, so we suggest that serious applicants apply as soon as they can.

Dates and Costs:

For information on the program’s dates and costs, please visit the Dates and Costs section of our website here.

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* Complete every field in the application. If on any section you require more than the space provided, please feel free to continue your answer as needed.
* We will accept only completed electronic applications. Please check that you have completed each section before submitting your materials

Personal Information

Your name
Gender  Male Female
Street address
ZIP code
Date of birth
Phone number
Email address

1. Are you a student?
 Yes No

If yes:

Where are you enrolled?
Intended major:
Graduation (year):


2. Please indicate your level of Spanish proficiency.

Reading  None Basic Proficient Fluent
Writing  None Basic Proficient Fluent
Speaking  None Basic Proficient Fluent

Language Proficiency Key:
None: No proficiency in the Spanish Language.
Basic: The ability to make oneself understood in simple, commonplace interactions.
Proficient: Advanced ability to communicate and understand complex ideas in Spanish, such as explaining simple newspaper articles or television reports. The ability to give presentations on topics in Spanish.
Fluent: Native Spanish speaker, or the ability to discuss scholarly ideas in Spanish, conduct research in Spanish, and communicate with a variety of Spanish speakers in a wide variety of situations.

3. If you can, answer this question in Spanish. Please describe any formal, classroom education in Spanish—including courses completed, AP/IB scores, etc. if applicable. Please indicate if Spanish is your first language, and describe any experience you have with Spanish outside of the classroom.
If you are not a Spanish speaker and want to attend the program, make sure to talk to us. We can recommend tutors and schools in Otavalo.

4. Why are you interested in the program and how did you hear about it? Do you have any questions or concerns about the summer?

5. Which of the three subjects we teach (Math, English, and Computers) would you prefer to teach, and why? If you have special interest in computers, please elaborate, as that is a new program that we are looking to develop.

6. Which is your preferred start date?
 June 17 June 21

The program will start on June 17th with our 11 day orientation period. If you need to arrive at a later date, you may also arrive on June 21st. Feel free to contact us with any scheduling questions.

Until what date would you be able to stay?

Note: The program ends on August 14, and we will give preference to those who can stay until then.

7. Please list two activities that are significant to you, and that demonstrate leadership and initiative.

Office(s) held or honor(s) received
How does it show leadership (briefly)?
Office(s) held or honor(s) received
How does it show leadership (briefly)?


Answer one of the following questions in Spanish (and the rest in English).

8. Describe your most memorable teaching moment. You can write about an experience in which you were the teacher or the learner, and you can describe an experience that was either positive or negative. Use your answer to illustrate qualities that define a good teacher, or a good teaching experience.

9. You are a VEP volunteer currently teaching in Otavalo. Propose a twenty-minute activity to teach your students one of the following lessons (your choice): A) English: The present-tense conjugations of the verb "to run." B) Math: The geometry concept of area, including the formula A=LW.

10. In one of your classes, you find that the same three students answer all of the questions and dominate the classroom activity while the rest of the students sit quietly with their heads on their desks. How would you make sure that all of the student are participating in the lesson? Provide examples of actions you would take and how these actions would "bring in" the disengaged students.